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Okay, I am probably one of the worst writers. That being said, I just found out I have two reviews of Shoulders and Zippers on Amazon. 🙂

I feel really bad. I haven’t been paying attention.

My excuse? Well knitting… and my job is paying for me to take classes in Access, Excel, SQL Servers… So …

Yeah no excuse. I have been reading voraciously. And if you have read any of my other posts, well I am back in church.

Even going to church, still think I would love to have two men… Well maybe… Not so sure I know what to do with one. 😉 lol

But yes, ONE of my books has reviews. I need to pull up my big girl panties and finish the others. I think some are just waiting on reviews.

Ravalry (Knitting Site) has become a favorite haunt of mine also.

Gaming… well I am down to Minecraft. When I get the chance. Not much time for anything else.

Goal 2017: Publish one book

And get everything loaded into Excel 🙂



#WeAreSeniorsToo: A Follow up of sorts

#WeAreSeniorsToo: A Follow up of sorts.

If you get a chance read the original post and the follow-ups. It is a good look at how students across America are segregated and treated according to whether they are ‘cool’ or not.

I was one of these students. My state has the Running Start Program, where high school juniors and seniors attend college and get both high school and college credits. In my small town I was one of the first to graduate with an AA and a high school degree. Myself and my fellow Running Start Students were not recognized. I think finally over a decade later students are now recognized for their achievements. For that I am glad, if I had to be overlooked for the later generations to be seen, then so be it. But the students and today’s youth are not going to learn how to de-segregate if we as the adults and role models do not change how we appreciate them.

A week’s review

This was a productive week to an extent that  I am trying to write in between two full-time jobs, my actual job and my being a parent. Maybe that is two and a half full time jobs?

A real quick re-cap of the week…

Well, I have Shoulders and Zippers out to beta readers and my personal editor (love my grandma-twice-removed).  I still need to write the synopsis. (oops)

I have wip at 1500 of 5000.

I have the start of another in pieces. I learned my other wip’s deadline was moved back.

Ask and Answer finally got the first part out. They’ve been yelling at me for a while.

Budget Passed means Good News

 Political Captive

 Ya know, one day the masses will revolt. The current government will no longer be in control and paychecks will not be held hostage. That’s basically how I view the current situation in Washington. The two houses cannot play well together, obviously a mediator is needed. Maybe one with a fly swatter in one hand and a baseball bat in the other. Now I haven’t gone and read all of the bills, and the voting, and what the hang ups are for this new session. I have briefly gone over the news and the following links to see what’s what. Listened to gossip, and the rumors mills and the what do we dos, and have decided this isn’t fun.

Of course as I am writing this day old rant, it comes out that the houses have finally decided to play nice. And baring any major disagreements our budget should be signed by Gov. Inslee hopefully before 5 on Friday.

Okay, all well and good. How much money have we wasted by sending out notices to people telling them their services may be temporarily on hold?

Between the price of envelopes, paper, ink and postage money has been well wasted. Let alone all the mental and emotional angst suffered by families who would have been affected by the layoff, how much has that cost the state in employee productive hours?

So much stress anxiety and who know what else, and of course not everything was taken care of. At least we can go to work and breathe a little easier until the next biennium budget. It will be interesting to see where the funding came from, how are they paying for this budget?

More taxes on home owners and gallons of gas? Still at least it is done, in time, I do not think our legislature has played well with the custodial duties of the state’s monies. I may be wrong, I am merely an outsider looking in going “Why can’t you all agree?” As I have not been on the floors I do not know what had to be compromised to fit the constitutional obligations to the children and the state. I seem to suffer from the same issue I have accused others of: “It’s not my issue, someone else can pay for it.” Well maybe I do need to pay for these additional taxes as I am not a home owner and do not pay taxes on a home. However I do have a child who has to go to school, and taxes from the homes in some part do go to pay for the schools. So I have my happy uninformed rant and realize that they do a much harder job than I would want to do. Who wants to play with numbers and have to decide who can afford to live?

$77,000// $90 per day

State senate GOP-led coalition says budget deal has been reached; House Dems say not yet

Post by Melissa Santos / The Olympian on June 26, 2013 at 12:34 pm

Read more here:

Thursday Thoughts

Grocery Store Baggers-

I wonder if it is just me or if anyone else has noticed the lack of care that baggers have when bagging your groceries? I am almost to the point of bagging them myself.

Once upon a time, cans and boxes were put on the bottom, evened out so as not to make the bag heavier on one side than the other. Items that could be crushed were put on top not on the bottom, eggs were carefully placed and bread was always on top so as not to get crushed. Frozen foods were wrapped in bags and placed by themselves so that they didn’t get the boxes wet. Maybe this was all when we had paper bags? Or was it an era where people actually cared?

Now with plastic bags and reusable bags it seems that all of this is just the opposite. I find myself telling the bagger and the checker how to bag my items. “Frozen by itself please.” “Don’t overstuff the reusable bags.” I’d like to be able to carry those by the straps, not hug the bag to carry my groceries. I find myself re-bagging items at my trunk. Bread in one bag, frozen food by itself in another not next to the box of Macaroni. I’d never hear the end of it if that was ruined.

I miss the days of “Ma’am your eggs are in that bag right there and you have items on the bottom of the cart. Have a nice day!” Now I have to hunt in my cart before I leave the check out stand to make sure I know where the eggs and bread are.

We seem to be in a rush and forget that numbers are not what is important, it is the quality of customer service that matters. Maybe I’ll just start bagging my groceries…

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