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Frank and Matthew

It was the scream and thud that woke Frank up. He didn’t even pause just went out his bedroom door and across the hall.

“Pup? Mattie it’s me.” Frank walked in to a room in disarray and dark. Well there was half the problem Mattie didn’t leave the light to the en suite on.

“Mattie, it’s okay to leave the light on. I have the kitchen one on too.” Frank walked across using the light coming from the open curtains to make his way to the bathroom.

Turning the light on, Frank was able to see the crack in the closet. That wouldn’t be where Mattie was. No, the young man always somehow managed to get himself under the bed. Frank was too old and too large to be crawling under there, though that first night he had.

Grabbing the bedding and the pillows Frank settled down on the floor leaving a path to the bedroom and to the bathroom for Mattie.

“I’m just going to sleep right here pup. It’s okay. We’ll talk in the morning about changing the sleeping arrangement okay?”

Frank could just see Mattie’s eyes as he peered at him from beneath the bed. Laying back on his back, Frank shut his eyes and started counting. He hit ten when he heard the first shift, twenty when he heard the next. Patience was what Frank needed. How many times had he had to wait for Mattie to figure out that he wasn’t in trouble for being scared. They were still trying to follow Mattie’s trail, find where he came from and how he ended up at the club.

But until the sweet pup started talking they were running blind. Frank sighed, it would happen. Patience and quiet right now were the key. And Frank could provide that in spades. The guys would take care of the club until Mattie had adjusted then they would go from there.

120. Frank stilled and stayed silent as Mattie crawled next to him on the make-shift bed. He didn’t say a word. He had spoken the other night and sent Mattie scrambling for safety, now he just waited for a sign.

Mattie had watched the feet of the large man come in and turn on the light. He still wasn’t so sure that it was okay, but he wasn’t in charge. He had had another bad dream and hadn’t meant to wake anyone.

Now watching the Master lay down on the floor he felt guilty. Not that he had been punished for being inconvenient, yet. He didn’t understand. He had woken up the house, why wasn’t he in trouble?

Carefully crawling from under the bed, Mattie stayed low and scooted closer to the warmth that permeated from the silent form. Just to be warm. When no punches or scolding words came Mattie settled down to sleep. Maybe…

How did we get here with Frank and Matthew? I still do not know what I am going to call him, Matt, Matthew or Mattie. Comment below. And I’ll fill in some of the blanks as I go.

Thank you for reading. 😀



Curtains Among US

An Adventure in Curtains-

November 3 091

Believe me it’s a ride!

So the front room in the house I am living in needs curtains. One large window had flowery curtains that were really out dated. A few decades old. The other had… Nothing. The shimmery see-through curtains that had once upon a time hung there, had fallen down. Flimsy curtain rod plus cat plus kids equals no curtains.

Now the room is a peach(?) color. Well it’s not white.  With a green accent wall. I didn’t choose the colors I just rent.

So out of the three choices I have in front of me I choose a rust colored one. It had gold on it, my thinking is it will match the clock I have. (I love the clock, it tells times in three time zones)

So I ordered the panels. Now note, I didn’t conference with anyone on my choice out of the options nor did I read the fine print. << Important part of the story.

So a week later our curtains come in. They are not a set of three pieces. It is the panels sewn to the valance. Not what I was wanting. And, to top it all off? The color was not a good color. It in no way matched anything. So, I return them to the store. That was the easy part.

While I am off returning bad curtains to the store, more options are being made for me to choose from when I get home.

Okay, choice made. And I ask for opinions before I order the panels and the valances. Once again I do not read the fine print. << De je vu?

Okay, two weeks later they come!!!! Yeah they match, they are gorgeous. There is not enough of them. Boo. I could have sworn the picture and description online said that there were two panels per package. No. One panel per package. One valance per package. So, I have enough to cover one window. Fine print people, fine print.

Now in ordering these curtains, I thought that they might have been see through? I wasn’t sure but, yes upon opening them. They are see through. So we need to get an under panel.

Okay. Now here’s the thing the buying the curtains is to help keep the heat in the house. The windows in this room are very large and very cold. And we needed to do this before winter, before it got too cold.

Ever notice I say “okay” and “so” a lot?

The curtains and valances had arrived that Saturday morning around 9:00 am. We started to dismantle the current curtains and realized new hardware was needed. The curtains I had just purchased would not work with what had been used to hang the old curtains.

And off to the store I go. I am lucky that I find enough panels of a solid color to cover both windows and I quickly find the hardware. And the shopping trip would not have taken as long as it did but I stopped to comment on an Instagram picture that had been posted. I felt the need to get my words out and reply to the reply, because well I feel this person is important.

Yeah home again!! I did good. The solid panels match the multi-colored panels at the house and the hardware matches and and and

Okay, now the fun part. Taking down the old hardware. That took a little bit of time because we have a regular screwdriver and the screws in the old hardware were put in with an electric screwdriver and painted over. The old curtain rods are the ones with the draw string where you pull on the looped-string to open and close the curtains.

Feed the kids.

Back to screwing in the new curtain rods. Three of them on each window. Okay.

4:00 pm

I think we ordered out for dinner. A little too tired to cook. Hey hanging curtains is hard work.

By I think 9:00 pm that night I think we have one and a half windows done. I say half because I had to order panels and valances for the other window. We could have not done the second window, but it made since to me to put the hardware up on both windows as I would more than not likely be home when the new set of curtains came in.

Two more weeks go by the curtains come in and I come home to the window being done.

Yeah!! Finally, after one more trip to the store to return the extra valances we are done.

The moral of the story? Read the fine print.

Until next time-

Cyber hugs & kisses.

2014 what I learned

What I have learned this year:
Eat to lose weight (still hate breakfast)
Exercise to lose weight
Curl up with a good book
YouTube is awesome
As is Twitter, Twitch, and IG
I am okay with people not liking my books
I can publish books
I can write
I am ME
I really love men with accents
Jobs are good
Men can be smart and good looking
I am still a brat
(There are a few people out there who will understand this)
I am the reason for my finances
I am not a horrible mother (in-spite of what my mother says)
Don’t poke at growly Bears
Monkeys morph into bears
Hairy may not be so bad
There are good people in the world
Authors write back to followers
Boys are odd creatures (I love him anyways)
I love gaming
I still can’t play on the console games
I still rock on the PC
Apple is a necessary evil
There is a reason for everything
My tea is still too hot
I am an awesome minion
Friends are friends virtual or physical
My sister is a strong person
Love comes in various forms
I am eclectic and that is good
Distance sucks
Life is worth living
I don’t get tea with milk
Live laugh love
Anaconda is a do…n’t

Gaming Community (complete rambles)

I haven’t been in ages. I have been lost in YouTube and Twitter.

But the Gaming Community is a great place. Once you’ve established yourself as a player, you are missed in absences, appreciated in appearances and are able to gather friends from around the world.

Within the community, find your game, and play. Play well, play badly, just play and have fun. There is no reason to get all panties-in-a-twist because a game doesn’t go your way. Granted half the fun is the reactions people have when playing the games.

I soo suck at playing any game requiring a controller. However, after I don’t know how many restarts (still demo playing on the ps4) I am actually getting to understand MineCraft. Damn boxes. Love them even if they frustrate the rest of the house. lol I think with the console type games, I am just not close enough to the tv but, I am such an active player that I would probably knock the tv off the stand if I got too close.

I’ll have to find an upload one day. You would probably end up laughing too. I mean a not teenager ( I am not saying how old I am, but I have decided I am celebrating “7”s this year), moving the controller all over the space to make the dang characters on the tv jump. Why do you have to have a joystick to move and a joystick to look all over the place? Yes, I do occasionally end up kicking my feet as I wait for something to happen online. (okay, maybe more than…)

But I have fun, and it is great that I am not the only one in the house (mine or yours) that sits there and yells/pleads/argues with the game.

The great thing about community gaming is the people you can talk to, sometimes you get lucky and there are one or two people who are on the same time you are on it can become a great way to relax and relate with people. I think as long as you remain open minded and respectful there is so much more you can get from the world around you. Hey, with gaming you already have something in common.

Cyber hugs & kisses



I wonder if anyone else has noticed this that in social media if you show skin, you get followers. And if you show skin, they seem to want more. I would love to say it has to be good skin, but well people have unique tastes is all I can say.

And people talk about it, see I am talking about it here. I just don’t want to name names or point fingers or offer publicity for people. I agree skin sells. It sold me. I look and I like looking, but I think there is a very thin line between showing skin to offer pointers in exercise or a hey look I have abs and oh my god you did not just show me that!

Look at how much the ‘famous’ people sell magazines for showing skin. Even non-famous persons sell items by showing skin. And sometimes the skin showing has nothing to do with what is being sold. Is this mis-representation of the item being sold?

I wonder how much all that skin showing will come back to bite people on the bums as they climb the ladder to success. I wonder how much the lack of skin showing, the lack of showing be at all will make the climb that much harder for myself. I may just need a model to put up to gather followers….

But that is another post… I am talking about how I do not show skin. Therefore I do not get the media presence that I would like to have to sell the items I am selling. I do cheat on this. I show skin, drawn skin, as in near nude portraits of the men from my imagination to sell the books I have written. It sells. It works. The books that have nakedness sell better than the books that do not. But sex sells, and if the book doesn’t have sex in it, I do not put the sexy pic on the cover. Makes sense, then I am not false advertising.

But some social sites are starting to put restrictions on how much clothing the host needs to have on in order to stream or broadcast their channel. There are even media sites that you have to have the age restrictions in place in order to post, show, promote half nude/skin showing images.

How do you feel about people using near-nakedness/nakedness to sell themselves and/or their products?

Do you think that there is a point where too much skin is too much?

Share below…

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