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Arising up out of mist
Silent wonder as ship begins to list
As sails start to twist
This syren’s call, I shall resist


Surrounded by water
Occluded by cloud
No footsteps have explored it
One space man has not named




<< via Twitter 7.10.2020 Write a four-line poem about a mysterious island. Do this two times: once where each line rhymes and then again with no rhyming at all. >>

I live in a glass house. I shall throw no stone.

I live in a glass house. My foundation is torn.

I shall read and I shall listen.

I shall shore the foundation.

I shall create kintsugi.

I shall open the windows and doors.

I shall do this until I return to from whence I was born.

I live in a glass house. I shall throw no stone.

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