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Thoughts to ponder (a continuing saga)

Still waters run deep

The calm before the storm

Listen, learn

Flowers are Red – listen to the song sung by Harry Chapin. Read the lyrics and really really take a moment to ponder what we have done

“What is your name? Speak yourself”  – BTS – Kim Nam Jun; 2018 September 24, UNICEF address – Read this for yourself. Take a moment and think. The music, their words reach across generations. We are never to old to learn something new. We are never to old to find that dream. To “speak yourself” Only by finally acknowledging ourselves can we pave the way for future generations, and sometimes we must follow the younger generations. Speak a truth and provide a safe haven and encouragement “Go. Go make the world a better place than I ever dreamed.”

Ogres are like onions (Shrek). People are like jewels. (I’ll explain this one on another thought trail – but please ponder)

Smile – It’ll make people wonder what you know

Stop and smell the roses. Don’t pick them, leave them for the next person to enjoy their beauty.

Be wary of the quiet ones.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

People who live in glass houses should throw no stones.

“Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her” John 8:7 ESV Study Bible 2008

“… First take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take out the speck that is in your brother’s eye.” Luke 6:42 ESV Study Bible 2008

The road to hell was paved with good intentions

Nothing worth having is not worth working for

To the winner go the spoils – put a positive bend to this, if you work for it you are winning

>> I’m looing for things to inspire, to help move forward. IF you loot at all the sayings I gathered so far, they are ones we know. We speak. We reference. So why if we, as a collective, know these; do we not abide by them?

>> Add more quotes – if you where any of the above come from, please provide your references so we can learn too. I would love to amend the above to include a link to where people can locate the history of the quote or where they can start looking if interested in furthering education.

I live in a glass house. I shall throw no stone.

I live in a glass house. My foundation is torn.

I shall read and I shall listen.

I shall shore the foundation.

I shall create kintsugi.

I shall open the windows and doors.

I shall do this until I return to from whence I was born.

I live in a glass house. I shall throw no stone.

When is it enough? To sit back and watch and listen. To see so much more going on in the world beyond your front door. When is it enough to know your struggles are not the struggles the world has focused on today, but your struggles prevent you from going past your front door.

When is it enough to treat all of those around you with love and compassion. To laugh at your own faults, to acknowledge you can be an evil person at times, but laugh and actively work towards changing that evility. When is it enough, that there is no true evility, that it is just a harsher representation of the truth.

When is it enough? To look at your past, to watch it come barreling towards you. Full throttle like a train you cannot hope to jump out of the way from in front of. When is it enough, to look forward and be so scared of the past coming out to bite you. To share and show all of your faults to the world, because “Hey the don’t know the real you”

Why? Isn’t it enough? Isn’t it enough that I have made mistakes, I have the scars to show. Why is it I say it’s enough. No more. And I am not heard? Why is all that I have yet to do is weighed down by all that I have done.

When is it enough that I learn to just walk. To follow those I find brave and honorable, to just walk. When is it enough? I have made choices in situations where I felt no other choice was available. I have weighed the pros and cons, weighed how much my soul can carry and it is heavy.

I watch the world around me implode. Just when I think this is it, I can do this. The world says “Here. Here it is. Demons.” I am watching actions and hatred and riots – events I only read about in history books. I am watching love and encouragement and dreams – events I have only heard in stories.

When is it enough? When do we say stop? When is it we no longer fear for our children? Parents, friends, strangers… finding the ungodly strength to send others to safety. To remove them from a situation they find frightening and dangerous, in the hope that the new environment is safer. To have to protect yourself as you attempt to do the right thing.

When is it enough? When your child says the strain is too much? That to come back is too emotionally damaging? That they are safe where they are and need to stay. To ask, When is it enough? Who will take care of you? Why do you remain?

As the world implodes, how do I step forward? How do I say I am enough as I am? When I am compared and told I am evil. Evil, because I do not conform. Evil because I do not follow the rigid path that is being laid for ‘not me’. I am not evil. I am not me when I am with you. I tried. I cannot conform. My ideals are not yours, this does not make me a liar, a manipulator. Evil. This makes me, me. I should be enough as I am.

When is it enough? When the world has thoroughly fallen into chaos? When I am unable to hold on by an emotional thread? When we are beaten down by those around us telling us to conform to their ideals? When is it enough? When is it enough that we acknowledge the differences? Acknowledge the beauty and strengths in those differences. Why is it I am safer with them than I am with you?

When is it enough? When do we accept and embrace? When is one small raindrop in the ocean the overflowing point?

When is it enough? Careful the questions you ask. The answers may not be what we can take back. Careful the actions you take, some may be irreparable. Careful the ‘truth’ you speak, it may not be all people’s truth. It’ll be enough, when it is enough.

May 30, 2020

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