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A Gnomey Christmas

I am prefacing this with an apology to all World of Warcraft players. I haven’t been in the world in a long time and am just using a bit of fanfic and a whole lotta giggles to write this.  To those who possible know where this comes from, Forgive Me?

And now…   A Gnomey Christmas

As a baby Arcane Mage, Jelly knew she really should not have been playing with snow. How was she supposed to know that it would land in the house? In the growly bear’s room. Which was off limits and thus being off limits, it was Draw and Odd’s job to clean up the mess. She cooked, retrieved tea took care of the garden (icky dirt) but did not clean. The kitchens yes, the rest of the garrison, no.

Pulling at the weeds in the herb garden, she was grounded from playing with magic at the moment. As there was no one around to get her from where ever she teleported. That really was an odd thing to keep happening…

“hmmmph” yanking at a rather tough weed, wait. That wasn’t a weed, Jelly sat back on her heels and growled. And promptly landed on her ass, well might as well lay all the way down.

It was the shiny boots next to her head that got her attention. The shiny boots and shiny wings, which meant maybe the growly bear had not been in the house? Obviously to the tavern, not the house?

“Yes the house.”  Oops did she say that out loud?

“Yes. Finish the garden. Then help them out.”

Well at least it wasn’t an anaconda, or a fox.  Well, it could have been a bunch of bananas, ooo maybe Odd would let her work on conjuring up bananas? Or maybe Draw would for her? Bananas had to be good for something.


Standing up, Jelly looked up. Damn paladin was too tall. Why was she a gnome again?

“Snow goes outside. Wait until someone can help. Please?”

It was the tired sound that got her, “Okay.” Bananas were definitely needed.

Crawling across Draw and Odd that night Jelly snuggled down against the far side of the bed. “Thanks guys.”

“Your gonna get killed for the bananas you know.”

“Yup and you’ll be right there with me.”

“A dwarf, a gnome and  a paladin walk into a kitchen.” Jelly stopped tilting her head, “I can’t go anywhere with that.”

Waiving her hand, the teas landing where they were supposed to for once. On the bar, not in laps. Though that last time wasn’t an accident. One really should not question her cooking methods, or have such poor language in the house. So sad that person would not be back.

“That really would have been in poor taste”

Jelly just smiled, silly bear of course it was in poor taste. Serving up the chicken, veggies and icky potatoes she listened as they discussed guild matters, raids, quests and other what not that really did not make any sense. Maybe a trip to the library again, or wait. She could go play cards tonight. hmmmmm

“I’ll be gone for a bit.”


Jelly looked at the house. It had been hard sneaking out on Christmas night. The bed creaked, the floors were cold and the dang door squeaked again. She’d have to fix that later. But for now….

“Merry Christmas!”

“and where is our little gnomey-gnome?”

Odd and Draw looked at each other and ran out the front door into white powdery stuff.

“She did it.”

“It’s your turn to go get her”

“Yep she did. Care to explain the snow and the bananas?”

Looking up at the paladin, the dwarf and gnome looked back down at each other.


Jelly sat quietly at Razorscale’s Aerie. It was a safe spot as long as she stayed still. Such a pretty dragon flying overhead, shouldn’t take the silly paladin more than two hours to clear out the area so she could go home. The trouble caused when messing with things one should not do. Good thing the realm had a reset button. Yep, a very Merry Christmas to all.

Now about that last spell…


Share Your World -2014 (week 49)

Oh I have up counting what week I am on. But, once again I am posting answers to Cee’s Share Your World prompts. I really am enjoying these. Starts Monday right. 😀

What is your preferred hot drink: coffee, tea, water, hot chocolate, or other?

Tea. Just plain Orange & Spice tea. (I still don’t understand milk and sugar in the tea)

What was your favorite toy as a child  . . .  and now?

Oh, boy. I don’t remember a favorite toy. For me it was always books. Books, Books… books.

Candy factories of the entire world have become one and will now be making only one kind of candy. Which kind, if you were calling the shots? 

Chocolate. Really there is no other words needed.

Would you want $100,000 right now or $120,000 in a year (tax Free)?

I actually have to say I would take the $100,000 right now. ‘Cause even if I had to pay off taxes it would pay off all of my bills and I would have that extra $20,000 by the end of that second year.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Okay, I am grateful that I think I have all the Christmas shopping done. I am looking forward to having all the pressies show up in the mail this week. ( I have my Christmas list, but I am pretty sure Santa can’t deliver the first item on the list) lol 🙂

Share Your World – Week 48 (still lost count on mine)

Oh, I like these questions for “Share Your World”

Have a look here, then take a look there for others who participate.

What is your favorite toppings on pizza?

Pepperoni, and mushrooms (extra) and olives and bacon….

I want to learn more about …

Youtube, Gaming, WoW, Ireland, England (one day I’ll be there) oh, the feel of finishing writing a loong book

What are three places you’ve enjoyed visiting?

Sidney, American Samoa and Darwin

Do you prefer eating the frosting of the cake or the cupcake first?

Neither, I actually don’t like cake and cupcakes. I will eat them, IF it’s one of the kid’s birthdays.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

That last week is over and this week’s Monday started well. Looking forward too… well we can’t write it 😀 But really, getting “A Gnomey Christmas” written for Christmas time.

Tipping the Iceburg

You know there is going to be a train wreck. You can see it. The train barreling down the tracks and the stupid car sitting there at the light.

Well, I can see my iceberg tipping. My little life, coming apart. Maybe it needs to. Maybe my virtual life and my corporeal life need to meet. Somewhere in the middle of all of that is me. This may be the destruction of self, or the Titanic may sink. How do people combine the fact that their viewpoint in life, what they like and appreciate doesn’t match what those in some of their circles?

I thought I had done so well separating the two. Then Facebook met Instagram. This is what I get for making fun of people for not reading the small print. This is what Facebook and Instagram do not understand – I do not want the two to meet.

Well not yet. I see the iceberg and the Titanic coming closer and closer, the separation smaller and smaller.

November 3 105

My iceberg is about to tip. I am hoping for a few more months, to at least get through the Holidays. To make it to the end of the school year. Get out from under the leverage I feel choking around me. Can I have just that much longer? I just need the safety of my own space, where I can safely say like it or leave it. There are places I am going, and I am not asking form permission. I’m not asking now, but I neither am I answering why I like all the pictures of the half naked men on IG. lol Can I not appreciate that? That is not the only thing I will be asked. There is a reason for pseudonyms.  There is a reason why people choose to murky the waters above the bottom of the iceberg. To protect those around them and to protect themselves. Whether the protection is to or from or a form of both is up the the face behind the pseudonym.

I truly mean no harm, but the way I see the world does not click well with some family members. I am becoming me and while I am doing that I may no longer fit in that box anymore. I don’t want to fit in that box.

Yet, there are some things that are far easier to share with virtual strangers than your family. I have found that I can be me, be flirtatious, a smart ass, a pain in the but and some days a little cheeky. I learn by reading, and if I don’t reply or get something out, it is okay. I can type up a response, retype it and rethink it. There are emotes to explain myself. And if I have developed a quirk that doesn’t translate well, well it is a quirk that defines me.

Maybe it is time to pull up my big girl panties and accept I cannot move the car in time to avoid the train. Maybe that train barreling down on me is actually the light at the end of the tunnel. Who knows? All I can do is keep stepping one foot in front of the other and go on this adventure that could be a disaster. But that is a cup half empty. Now the cup half full? I am meeting wonderful people.


I wonder if anyone else has noticed this that in social media if you show skin, you get followers. And if you show skin, they seem to want more. I would love to say it has to be good skin, but well people have unique tastes is all I can say.

And people talk about it, see I am talking about it here. I just don’t want to name names or point fingers or offer publicity for people. I agree skin sells. It sold me. I look and I like looking, but I think there is a very thin line between showing skin to offer pointers in exercise or a hey look I have abs and oh my god you did not just show me that!

Look at how much the ‘famous’ people sell magazines for showing skin. Even non-famous persons sell items by showing skin. And sometimes the skin showing has nothing to do with what is being sold. Is this mis-representation of the item being sold?

I wonder how much all that skin showing will come back to bite people on the bums as they climb the ladder to success. I wonder how much the lack of skin showing, the lack of showing be at all will make the climb that much harder for myself. I may just need a model to put up to gather followers….

But that is another post… I am talking about how I do not show skin. Therefore I do not get the media presence that I would like to have to sell the items I am selling. I do cheat on this. I show skin, drawn skin, as in near nude portraits of the men from my imagination to sell the books I have written. It sells. It works. The books that have nakedness sell better than the books that do not. But sex sells, and if the book doesn’t have sex in it, I do not put the sexy pic on the cover. Makes sense, then I am not false advertising.

But some social sites are starting to put restrictions on how much clothing the host needs to have on in order to stream or broadcast their channel. There are even media sites that you have to have the age restrictions in place in order to post, show, promote half nude/skin showing images.

How do you feel about people using near-nakedness/nakedness to sell themselves and/or their products?

Do you think that there is a point where too much skin is too much?

Share below…

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