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And poof he was gone

“Oh no! No! No. Get back here! You do not just pick me up from work, drop me off in the middle of no where, and poof!”

Where am i anyways? Jesse glanced around. Granted the flowered landscape was beautiful. And… yes that was a unicorn.

Get a grip Jess. “No nope you did not just disappear.”

“Did you just stomp your foot?” Sevin caught Jesse before she fell. Picking her up however, elicited a small squeak. Bonus! And as any self preserving being knew, squeaks were never referenced. Sucky balance on the otherhand… “You really need to quit spinning like that.”

Ignoring the fact that her feet dangled, Jesse glared at her demon. “I did not stomp me foot!”

“Add a dab of this, a dribble of that and stir. Within seconds, you’ll have…”
“Well, I’m sure I am not supposed to have you.”
“One second. Where did I go wrong?”
“A dab? Tapping your foot doesn’t get you back sooner. Nor does sighing.”
“Ah… white sugar. That was it, but how did we do the Pacific?”
“Oh? Oops! Yes, yes, pointing that error out helps. Hand writing you know?”
“A dab of that , a smidge of this, one pinch, a stir and back you go.”
“I really need to learn to type these recipes.”

<< via Twitter 06.10.2021
“Add a dab of this, a dribble of that and stir. Withing seconds, you’ll have…”

I realized I had a couple shelves worth of books in my house that I have never read. Or never finished. My goal this year is to read as many of these as possible. I did donate pretty much the same amount to the office. Plus I still have to catch up with Haikyu!! and My Hero Academia.

2021 Read List

Ok. 2020 did a thing. And all good plans and goals and wants and yeah… I tried and I did better than I thought.

Is it where I think I should be. Am I where I want to be. No. … But I have to take into consideration that this was a crazy year. Stress was astronomical. It was crazy. And my goals I tried to achieve? Well they may have been a little crazy too.

Welcome 2021. I am me. I am going to work on being a little more forgiving of myself. Set smaller more achievable goals.

And this post? A little all over the place and circled nowhere. Hello 2021 are we ready?

Stay tuned…

Let’s dance
Let’s sway
Let’s dance
And while the night away

One step here
And two steps there
Now take my hand
And dance the night away

And dance the night away

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